From the Pastor

Dreaming and Discerning

Our theme, as a church, is "The Journey Continues". We live in a world of constant transitions. We find it hard at times to adapt or keep up with all that is changing,

Transitions are a part of the journey known as life. A journey implies that while there could be a destination in mind the entire route may not be known. We go as pilgrims with our eyes fixed on God's leading. Even with eyes fixed on God's leading, adventure and surprise sneak in, as we come to crossroads and must discern which way to go.

Over the last several months the Deacons and Church Council have been seeking to faithfully listen to the KBC family. On October 11th, KBC will celebrate its 97th anniversary of mission and ministry as a church. We are not the same church as we were 50 years ago, 25 years ago or even 5 years ago. In addition, our world is far different than it was even 10 or 5 years ago. If we are honest, we are overwhelmed by the change that bombards us.

With this in mind, the Church Council and Deacons are in agreement that now is the time for KBC to redream its dream through a process of "intentional assessment, discernment, and dreaming" that will enable KBC to move forward in the coming years. "Dreaming and Discerning" will be KBC's focus for the coming church year starting October 1st. To be successful, it will need the prayers, commitment and input of everyone whether you are new to this church family or been here for better than 50 years.

Dr Randy Millwood (a good friend of the KBC family from BCM/D) will be KBC's guide/consultant/coach on this "continuing journey". Our guide to this process will be Dr. Robert Dale's book To Dream Again, Again!

The goal is for KBC to have "clear dreams with accompanying beliefs and actionable goals" that will support calendaring and budgeting for its next steps on the journey in the 2020-2021 church year. The goal is to position KBC for her future appreciating her past and understanding the strengths and challenges in her present.

As your pastor, I promise to faithfully shepherd KBC through this process as we "continue the journey". I sincerely believe God is calling KBC to discern and then act on our fundamental reason for being so that our "dreaming and discerning" will empower KBC to be all that it can be in the coming years.

Pastor Bill