A Word From The Pastor

This Advent/Christmas season is over and a new year (2020) and decade is beginning full of possibilities. Our vision, as a church, is to be "a lighthouse that brings hope and purpose to the lives of people in our communities by sharing and modeling the good news of Jesus Christ". This requires us to be a people of prayer. We need to turn to God in prayer on a regular basis throughout the year.

I believe prayer, the Bible and our hymnal aare all important components in our "dream and discern" process. Bob Dale says "the Bible records God's revelation of himself to us; the hymnal celebrate our response to God's love." (To Dream Again, Again!, p.46). And prayer is our direct line to God. . Join us as we take a journey through Scripture, music, verse, and prayer as we seek to understand our beliefs so that we can follow the path that God would have us follow.

In Thessalonians 5:16-18, Paul wrote: "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." What Paul was trying to say in his words to the churches and what Jesus was constantly revealing in His actions, was that the renewal of the human body, mind and soul always begins with prayer. That is why "calls" to pray are so important.

Let me invite you to join the DREAMteam in making 2020 a special year of prayer. Let us pray for one another, for our communities, and the world. Let us pray for clarity of vision, the ability to dream God-sized dreams, and a willingness to commit to follow God's leading for this church. Pray that we will not grow weary and succeed in our praying.

The work of living out and sharing our faith continues as we enter a new year. May our prayers help us to be more inspired by the Holy Spirit so that individually and collectively we will be a source of light bringing hope and purpose to people's lives.

As we dream & discern,

Pastor Bill