From the Pastor

Today, the relevancy of the church comes under attack because people view the church as irrelevant. Now that is sad! And yet, I have been reminded over and over again that people need the healing presence of God's love as demonstrated through Jesus Christ.

In a world of uncertainty, people are seeking ways to balance and center their lives. People want peace and hope. To know Jesus is to find the source of hope and peace.

The "good news" of the Gospel is "God does care". Resurrection is God's clear evidence that evil and sin cannot destroy God's love. It is a reminder that God is in control. Starting with Advent - we take a journey to the manager. It is a time of harmony and praise. Creation recognizes that God is in control and wants us to be restored and in a right relationship with Him. Jesus is the message of hope we are to share with all people.

It is our responsibility to take the church into the market place of daily living and then make it relevant. This requires us to understand how God is leading and wants KBC to live out its mission and ministry so that God's love will shine forth brightly into the world that is all around.

During this church year let me challenge you to get involved! Pray for wisdom and discernment so that we better understand the best way to act on our fundamental purpose. Help us to dream anew God's dream for KBC! It takes all of us!

A poster motto reads, "Aim for the sun. You may not reach it, but you will fly higher than if you never aimed at all." So KBC, join in on the journey to "dream and discern". Share your stories! Lift up your prayers! See needs and meet them! Listen as God speaks! God is calling! Are you listening? God has given us a life-changing message and the resources to accomplish His work. So let's get busy!

As we "dream & discern" together,

Pastor Bill