Zac Poonen - An Inspirational Teacher

If you are interested in hearing the Word of God from a truly inspirational Bible teacher, I recommend that you listen to Elder Zac Poonen. He founded the Christian Fellowship Church in Bangalore, India over 35 years ago. His website has hundreds of audio and video files of his teachings, and many online books completely free.

One of his offerings is an excellent and enlightening verse-by-verse interpretation of the Bible. He also has many sermons on Basic Christian Teaching, New Covenant Principles, Leadership and Spiritual Preparation, and Understanding God's Ways. There is a lifetime of pure Christian teaching here for both the new and mature Christian.

You may start by looking at the Audio, Video, and Books tabs on his home page.

Zac Poonen's website - Christian Fellowship Church:

Recommended Studies By Zac Poonen:

Basic Christian Teachings - 72 messages of 15 minutes

Through The Bible - 70 one hour expositions

Verse By Verse - A Systematic Study of Selected Books of the Bibl

All That Jesus Taught - 80 studies of 25 minutes